First online database of university art & design galleries in Europe

UNIG is the first online database of university art and design galleries in Europe. Its main goal is to create a platform for university galleries, their professionals working in it, but also students, who can through it start working on international cooperations, exhibitions, and new projects.

UNIG is also a potential network for university art and design galleries in Europe. Its main goal is to create a shared platform for university galleries and mainly their professionals/staff working in it. 

The international network is a welcome help not only for the mutual communication of university galleries, but it also serves tourists, schools and other cultural subjects to be informed about the possibilities to visit university galleries and follow their activities


UNIG spreads awareness about the importance and role of university galleries in our society.


We gather professionals, projects, and information from the field of university galleries to create and strengthen the international cooperation among university galleries and to bring innovation and creative processes in the art and cultural academic field.


  • enable university gallery staff to share their experiences and information
  • arranging other educational opportunities for employees of university galleries in the field of art management and other disciplines needed for effective management of university galleries
  • increase international cooperation through shared international projects in which academics and students working in university galleries can participate
  • to raise awareness of the activities of university galleries towards greater openness to the public
  • create online database and virtual map of university galleries in Europe
  • increase the research proposals and projects within the topic of university galleries
  • bring innovations and fresh ideas to the academic field of art, design and their exhibition

Who can join? –

university galleries and art museums
student galleries
other academic exhibition spaces of art and design

academic arts and culture projects

* The term “University” should be understood in its broadest sense, including all types of Higher Education Institutions.

– Why should you join? –

It is completely free.
You only publish the information you want to.
You can find new partners for your projects.
You can strengthen your international promotion.
You can find out about other university galleries or cultural university activities.

How can you join? –