First online database of university art & design galleries in Europe

WHY should you join? –

It is completely free.
You only publish the information you want to.
You can find new partners for your projects.
You can strengthen your international promotion.
You can find out about other university galleries.

WHO can join? –

university art and design galleries
academic art and design galleries
higher education art and design galleries
university / academic / higher education exhibition spaces

HOW can you join? –


– What? –

UNIG is an online database of university galleries in Europe.
The goal of this project is to create an up-to-date international database of university galleries on the European continent and map their progress in order to render international and interdisciplinary cooperation and the potential hidden within more effective.

– Why? –

We consider university galleries and exhibition spaces one of the most important platforms associated with the curricula of Art and Design degrees and as a means for emerging artists and designers to improve their skills and become more successful. They are also an ideal space for innovation and enhancement of university courses in these fields, helping artists, designers and cultural managers apply acquired theory in practice while still in school. In the context of the ever-growing importance of globalization, international and interdisciplinary cooperation and exchange of experience, we see great potential in the creation of an international network of university galleries.

The online database is just a first step towards potential networking and exchange of experience among university galleries, inciting the creation of new joint projects with international impact and a variety of approaches.

UNIG as an online platform was established in January 2019.

The story behind UNIG

“The idea came to me quite naturally through a series of coincidences. I am a big fan of culture and that is why, starting my doctoral studies, I wanted to support cultural projects in my local area, Zlín, and focus on what local creators need and how I can help them achieve it. Then, thanks to some twists of fate I was offered a position at the newly emerging university gallery as part of my academic work at the Faculty. Great, I thought, already sifting through a myriad of ideas of what can be done at the gallery. However, I also realized that I had never worked at a gallery before, albeit a university one, and that I did not know the first thing about running a gallery. I started gathering information on other university galleries, visiting them and inquiring about what they do, how and why. Through my research I found out that most galleries would be very glad to receive the same kind of information I was after and that they were very open to joint international projects, exchange of ideas and helping students grow. So I figured it would be a shame to just write my thesis and instead decided to do something about it. Thanks to the financial support of my alma mater FMC TBU in Zlín and the great people in my team UNIG became reality. An attempt at creating a web of connections and inspiration, facilitation cooperation, bringing new opportunities for emerging artists and designers and supporting their professional growth within university galleries. What is next to come? Well that may very well be up to you!”

– Eva Gartnerová- author of the project UNIG